Ready to List Your Home? Don't Forget the Bathroom!

Sparkling Bathrooms BigB on Buyers List:

Older homes for sale in Portland & Vancouver frequently have original bathrooms that have not been gutted and re-modeled. When it’s time to put your home on the market, there are plenty of things that can be done to prevent having toB re-do the whole thing from the studs out. But first to review:
Remember the three rules of thumb when selling your home:

  • Understand that the best home at the best priceB is what wins in this marketplace. This does not mean “cheap” or below market by the way.
  • Do all that you can to have your home sparkle and shine. Your largest investment should never look better than when listed and on the market for sale.
  • Simply put, staged homes set your home apart from the competition..B B When you work with me, B IB only work with Justin at Spade & Archer Design AgencyB and big thanks to him for the before and after photo’s below.

Bathroom Hit List:

  • Paint your walls Space & Archer #1 Semi gloss available at Miller Paint Company (#10M1992)
  • Remember that people do not want to walk on bathmats–removeB bathmats or purchase pure white mats that are put over the side of the tub and hidden by the newB pure white shower curtain when not in use.
  • Remove flowers, toilet-covers, draperies & any knick-knacks, plungers and toilet scrubbers.
  • Have one soap dispenserat the sink (purchase one of the cool soap company’s mild liquid soap at HomeGoods for cheap)
  • White toilet & white sinks…B check craigslist!
  • Fresh white towels on the towel bars. Always white…no color.
  • Bathroom focus is: Fresh, Clean, Sparkling, Spa…and you don’t need an overhaul to do it.
  • Okay, I’ll say it. Toilet. Seat. Down. Always.

Ready for a before and after? Check it out!
Bathroom Before & After 1
Color on the walls simply casts shades and colors around which typically end up making bathrooms look dingy. Buyers don’t want to buy dingy–it sends $$-cha-ching-thoughts through their head of what they will have to do to bring it up to speed.
Here’s one more pix–just because we can.. And yes, the tile on the walls were already white BEFORE…but the color on the walls made them look cream/pink.B What a difference with white walls, white towels and no fru fru.
Bathroom Before & After 2

  • B I have Miller Paint “Preferred Customer Cards” good for 10% off on Miller Paint products…it doesn’t expire –keep it in your wallet! Send me an email with your best address and I’llB mail the discount card to you. Your address stays confidential of course.
  • Want to find cool homes with original bathrooms? Search for all homes for sale in the Portland Metro & SW Washington/Vancouver areas.
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