Sexton Mountain Real Estate & 2010 Home Sales & Trends

Real Estate in Sexton Mountain & 2010 Results!

Sexton Mountain real estate had a rough year in 2010 ending up with sold homes atB a -13% in 2010 over 2009.B Located in Beaverton & smack dab between Hart, Cooper Mt. & Murray Hill, these stats are surprising.

  • With the first time home buyer tax credit and that segment of purchasing typically falling under $300k, there just weren’t enough homes priced and targeting that buyer to make a dent in 2009 sales.
  • Scrolling down to the market analyzer, the listing bell curve was true to history and you can see the peak of closed homes in June when the tax credit expired.
  • The good news is that you can see the increase in closed homes rise up again Oct.-Dec. and that is not seasonal…i.e. that is good news. It’s going to be important to see how that trend does or doesn’t continue in Q1 of 2011.
  • Average sold price just fell to the bottom the last couple of months of the year however–let’s hope those REO properties are getting snapped up and done with so we can all move on to a steady market.
  • Sexton Mountain neighborhood had much stronger results than other areas with the final price at closing compared to the most recent list price…it stayed up pretty well through the year averaging -6% at closing. Ignore August & October dips…obviously some distressed homes got taken care of.
  • Additional neighborhood detail for: All of Beaverton, Cooper Mountain, Hart, Highland Hills, Murray Hill & Sexton Mountain.

Here’s to 2011, more home sales & a calm return to more of a normal market. Even if we are holding flat–we’ll take it!



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