Should I Sell My Home During the Holidays?

Great Question~”In this Market, Should I Wait and Sell in the Spring or Can I List and Sell My Home in December & January?” Our Portland/Vancouver metro market is still hopping–even right now in November, the week prior to Thanksgiving many homes are selling at and above list price with multiple offers.
Here are a few things to think about!

  • There is typically lower inventory (number of homes available for sale) during the holiday because every one is….yeup….waiting to list in the spring. So it’s a great time to get your house out there!
  • The number of buyers decreases a bit over the holidays and if buyers are home hunting in December and January, it’s because they are serious and motivated. I’d rather have my listing seen by 10 serious buyers vs. 25 who are lookieloo’s…
  • Some people I know ONLY look for homes to buy in the winter months!
  • Many people are frequently on vacation in December and January than the spring time so they have more time to home hunt!
  • Lots of listings in the Spring is more competition….
  • Getting your home sold now can help you dramatically when you buy in the Spring because your offer will not be contingent on the sale of your home!

If you are contemplating a move now or in the next couple of years and are curious about what needs to be done to get your home ready–contact me any time. For some sellers, they want to start a ways a head so they have time. It also gives you some flex for your budget if there are big ticket items you’ve been putting off that you know have to be done. That roof that is past the end of it’s life isn’t going to fix itself. I have a great roofer too!
As usual, whether it’s now or in 3 years….I’ll be here when you are ready!
These are not new ideas to me–I cannot claim them as my own. 🙂

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