Sound Grounds on SE Belmont

Sound Grounds Coffee in SE Portland

This morning I adventured with my dad to Sound Grounds–on the corner of Belmont & 37th in SE Portland.B Knowing ahead of time that they servedB coffee roasted by Stumptown, I went for a regular cup of Joe–nothing fancy.B Backed up by an incredible blueberry muffin from Kettleman……this ode to “all that belongs to the music of the 60’s” was actually a pretty cool, if edgy, Hawthorne NeighborhoodB spot.B It’s always a great sign when the barista greets each customer by name and has their drink ready for them…and the fact that one can purchase vinyl records and a hemp mocha shows that Sound Grounds has a special niche in the coffee spot biz. Check their website for updated events and happenings! And of course in homage to the psychedelic era, I have fully saturated the photo’s! Enjoy!

  • Free WiFi
  • Featured Artists Each Month
  • Live Performances & Poetry Readings
  • Casual Space for Small Groups to Meet Up

B Sound Grounds Coffee

Sound Grounds Coffee

Sound Grounds Coffee

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