Spice Route's Best Bet–Vindalho

The Clinton neighborhood has this delightful section where food and shops are well packed together.B For celebrations and yummy food—I frequently choose Vindalho! From hundreds of cookbooks in the upstairs office translated to tangy, unusual and ‘where can I get the recipe??’ dishes delivered to your table, this restaurant is worthy of being in the top echelons of Portland Restaurants!
While their soups change daily, my favorite one yet to be unseated is the carrot ginger soup.B I can’t wait until their home-made paneer (indian cheese) and spinach returns to their seasonal menu! Skewered chicken is also a can’t miss.
Split a dishes with friends, or–indulge a bit and order all the sides.B From saffron rice, to green beans, beet salads to curries and puree’s cauliflower–one can easily make a whole meal out of all the delectable side menu options!
Another great thing—eating here is affordable with lots of items to choose from that don’t break your wallet.B Great neighborhood, great restaurant, awesome habit! Vindalho’s chef can also be found on twitter @vindalho!

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