Spring Forward

The year may just be coming to a close, but it’s never too early to look ahead if you’re planning on selling your home. Here are a few small tips to help get the most value out of your property. These are all tiny fixes that could end up being a huge selling point, and are not too difficult to implement on your own.
Check out the list, and get in touch with me! I can help you get your house in the best shape possible before hitting the market.
1. Repaint the Exterior and Interior of your home
Making a great first impression is key to snagging any deal, and that saying goes for your home’s exterior paint as well! If the color stands out from the rest of the neighborhood, paint it a neutral shade. Follow the same rule for the interior; subdued color will allow them to picture their own style in the home.

ext_front_6017 SE Reedway St_032_webres2. Replace Front Door

One of the most reliable updates you can do (and see the most value recouped), is a door update. A fresh new coat of paint, or an entirely new door will raise the curb appeal. Switching out old and flimsy doors will be a welcome, albeit subtle, difference that buyers will appreciate.
3. Repair/Replace Door Bell
While you’re at it, don’t forget the doorbell! Having one with a friendly crisp chime will signal to buyers that your house has been well taken care of.
4. Replace Window & Door Screens
Torn screens do not add to a positive experience for buyers or sellers alike. While completely replacing everything might be overkill, screen repair patches can do wonders for those tears.
ext_rear_6017 SE Reedway St_020_webres5. Landscape
Landscaping is also on the list of items that may affect a buyer’s first impression. Trim the shrubs, clear out pathways and driveways of weeds, and you’ll surely make a buyer feel welcome.
6. Deodorize
A fresh smelling home should also be a priority. You may be used to the smells of your home, so grab a friend’s opinion. If there are overpowering smells, start cleaning.
7. Fix Drips
Dripping faucets can be a tell-tale sign for the buyer that there might be more concerning issues, so grab your wrench and start tightening those pipes.
8. Clean and Replace Light Fixtures
Get a head start on making your home feel cozy and welcoming by switching out harsh light bulbs. Don’t forget to dust and clean your light fixtures too!
9. Fix squeaky Hinges
Grab some lubricant, such as white lithium grease, to get those squeaky hinges in tip-top, non-squeaky, shape.
kitchen_main_6017 SE Reedway St_023_webres10. Update Kitchen
A full update may be out of the budget, but fresh paint, new handles, and fixtures could add immense value to your home.

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