Staging Your Occupied Home

Selling your home? Get it ready – Get it sold!

Preparing your home for the market shouldn’t be stressful or involve renovating every room. The most important things are getting the interior and exterior ready for potential buyers to see themselves living there. The first week on the market is the most critical as most active buyers will see your home on-line and perhaps also during the open house. Being well prepared from the start, and spending the time needed getting your home ready could be the best investment of your life. Statistics prove that a well prepared home spends 50% less time on the market and sells for a higher price.

Interior Designer Staci Byers of Ready to Sell PDX specializes in preparing owner occupied homes for a successful listing. Staci’s goal is to ensure clients’ homes are presented as best as possible from day one by enhancing curb appeal, creating cohesiveness and flow in the home, and adjusting interior colors of the home for optimal appeal.
The services offered are a la carte and can be tailored to suit the customers’ needs. After a thorough consultation both inside and outside the home, the homeowners will know just what they need to do to get the home ready for the market. If you are tight on time or simply want some help, Staci can manage the project from beginning to end to ensure your home is Ready to Sell.
Please visit www.ReadytoSellPDX.com for more information on services.
Staci Byers

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