Success Story – Summerlake

This Summerlake home received wonderfully positive results on the market, with a frenzy of buyer attention right from the start. It is a true example of how an exceptional marketing campaign made of professional quality elements was a success story for the sellers.
Obviously, it helps to start with a beautiful home. TrueView marketing captured all of its desirable details, including the exceptional interior remodel, the new dining room addition, and the view of Summerlake. Once we captured the “story” of the home and the surrounding property, we shared this to the world through our marketing channels of print media, online exposure, and social networks.

This marketing resulted in four offers within the first three days, followed by an additional two offers shortly thereafter. Every offer was equal to or above the asking price. At the Open House, there were over 35 groups of prospective buyers through the home. And our website analytics showed detailed viewings by almost 1600 buyers. Just the digital Super Flyer had 1200 views alone! It was clear that prospective buyers fell in love with the home!
Eventually the home sold for $25,000 over the asking price!
The sales process was not without some challenges along the way, requiring additional time and investigation. Yet with professional advice based on hard data from qualified contractors, we were able to overcome the concerns about both the septic system and the FEMA flood zone designation. By the end of escrow, both of these concerns were eliminated through successful negotiation and professional inspections.
The powerful pairing of an experienced agent and M Realty’s media team resulted in quite the success story!

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