Sunday Portland Home Tour: Laurelhurst

Sunday Portland Home Tour in Laurelhurst

Today I did some previewing for clients who have the Laurelhurst neighborhood on their list. (Usually my Laurelhurst preview days include Crema….just a little place to keep in mind if you love a great coffee stop!) AllB five were under $600k and ranged widely in style and move-in readiness.B I’m curious if you have $550k to spend on your next home, whichB one would you be most drawn to?
[listingsearch type=”listingids” listingids=”10056200, 10062369, 10037097,B 10043095, 10057008″]
Here’s the list of all homes in Laurelhurst for sale between $300-$600k….
[listingsearch type=”layers” layerid=”14″ hqid=”319″ orderby=”price” order=”DESC” lp=”300″ hp=”600″]

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