SW Slope–April 2010 Market Results

For Raleighwood & Greenhills neighborhoods, the 5% sell through of listed homes (59) to solds in April (3) is one of the lowest in the NW/SW corridor.B With prices all over the map–leading at $710k at the 75th percentile, and $585k at the mean–$352k is the first quartile—that’s a big spread for two neighborhoods. Homes are closing at -15% under the most recent list price which is great for buyers and tells you that either homes are over priced or no one is negotiating.B At this sell rate, it will take 19 months to sell through current listings in these two areas.B Best house at the best price is the key to this market and at 5% sell through—it will have to swing up to 35% just to get balanced. Stats and graphs are below!

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