“Hands down the best customer service I’ve experienced in any transaction. During the sale of our home our son was born, Claire and her team helped tremendously with scheduling the right people and went above and beyond in accommodating us, she even sent boxes for us for packing! Selling a home can be very stressful, juggling that into a busy work/life situation is so mentally taxing, Claire and her team were so well organized and trust worthy I could not imagine having any one else help us through.”

Kha & Mifuyu Le

We sold their SW Portland condo in spring of 2018 and closed on their NE Portland bungalow this fall! So fun to help their growing family find the right place at the right time. We were also able to negotiate $40k under on the purchase of their new home so THAT makes me very happy for my buyers too!

“Claire Widmark-Wright. This woman. This extraordinary human being is truly one of a kind. Her knowledge, kindness, compassion and open heart truly is beyond compare. Chris and I have worked with Claire twice. Once purchasing our home and then selling it considerably above market price. We wouldn't have been able to achieve such a quick offer and closing without this power house of a real estate agent. Star. She is filled with joy, quality, hard work and a compassionate, collaborative ear, heart and mind. We highly recommend and are very proud to call her friend.”

Chris Coleman & Rodney Hicks

Chris Coleman and Rodney Hicks Bought their Salmon Creek Home in 2013 with us and sold it with us in 2018 when they moved out of state. Chris & Rodney are amazing to work with and our collaborative effort and them heeding my advice allowed them to net well over what we originally thought the market would bear. We had over 125 people to the open house and multiple offers to choose from.

“Claire, Mark and their team have made our buying experience very pleasant and also educational, in a fun way. They obviously know real estate - and their role - very well. They are professional, ethical, reasonable, respectful, well informed, thorough, hard-working, good listeners and explainers, and have very pleasant personalities / people-skills. They are excellent consultants and representatives for any client [buyer or seller]. In addition, their network of associates are equally pleasant to work with - thus making all the stages run very smooth through the entire property transfer process. Over the past 32 years my wife & I have bought and sold 9 properties. This was the best property-transfer-experience we have ever had. Without any hesitation, I will recommend Claire Widmark-Wright to anyone considering buying or selling a property”

Yolanda & Marius S.

Investment property purchase 2018. This transaction had one of the roughest inspections that I saw this past year. The sellers were unaware of the issues that were in the attic, electrical and crawlspaces so the health and safety hazard issues were a surprise to them too. But with their competent agent we all worked through the repair process well (over $15,000 in repairs plus a $37,000 HOA assessment) and closed intact!

“I wouldn’t leave such an important matter as selling and buying a home to anyone else but Claire and her amazing team. Even when she went on vacation in the midst of our search, she had us covered. Claire knows the market, negotiates well, explains things clearly and does all of this with the deepest of integrity. She’ll also very kindly talk you out of your fantasy without squashing your dreams. She really is in this for you. When we were selling our parents home in a market that Claire was not an expert in, she queried and helped us interview three candidates to hire. When we ran into some mold issues on that house, it was Claire’s contractors who came through with the best service, best price and best guarantees. Seriously - don’t do real estate without her.”

Paula Gamble-Grant

We helped her find the right Realtor® to sell her parents house in Gervais in the spring and were able to negotiate on an incredible home in LaCenter WA that allowed Paula to bring her parents home to live with her and her husband. It was an incredible journey!

“Bad New and Good News : First the bad, the home buying process is totally different than House Hunters would have you believe. The good news is House Hunters never shows a realtor as amazing as Claire. For 90 days we talked to Claire almost every day. We are beginning to have Claire withdrawals. Claire meets with you in the beginning and explains the process as well as listening to your hopes and dreams. We jokingly called her a matchmaker as she listens to what your heart desires and helps you find it. We sent her listings daily we were interested in. She would provide quick feedback and we would be viewing the house the same or next day if it met our wish list. One of the best things about working with her is she is very honest about why or why not a home will work for you based on your desires. It is very easy to overlook things that are important when you see bells and whistles not on your wish list. We had a unique experience working with her in that she helped us write two different offers. The first home was house with multiple bids (which we won). Unfortunately, the seller did not play nice after the most thorough inspection I have ever seen and we had to walk away. Claire helped us through this process. After starting the search all over we found another house. Claire advised us to ask under the list price. We were reluctant to do so but we did (because in Claire we trust). We got the house and 21 days later we moved in. This was due to the amazing lender Claire recommended. But wait, it gets better. She then put our condo on the market. It needed a bit of painting as we had lived there 13 years. Claire and her husband painted most of it for us! Yes, you read that right. Due to the staging and great advice from Claire the condo went from listing to money in our back account in about 35 days. It was a crazy 90 days and we are beyond thankful for Claire’s help. Trust me, you need Claire.”

Todd & Susannah Fennell

It was such a delight to work with Todd & Susannah in the sale of their Beaverton condo and help them find the right home for their next step. They ended up getting an incredible price on their home and market price for their condo. It was a beautiful process to walk through with them!

“Claire and her team are fantastic. I highly recommend working with her! She went absolutely above and beyond in the little details, helping me sell my condo in what felt like the blink of an eye! She helped me price it just right, helped with moving my things around to stage it, provided an excellent photography team which produced extraordinary sales fliers, organized enough open houses to get me the perfect buyers, and of course coordinated all the big and little details along the way to make the transaction as smooth as humanly possible. It was an absolute pleasure working with her!”

Laura S.

Bought condo with us in 2016, Sold same condo with us in 2018—it was so good to get to work with Laura first when we found her condo and then to list and sell it for her when she moved out of state this past year. I met Laura through her sister and she was a pleasure to work with both times!

“Claire was very flexible and accommodating working with the sale of my property under unique and stressful personal circumstances. She and her team were professional and pushed to get the best price for house and in timely manner. The negotiations with buyer were fair and both parties I feel got the best value solely in part to her experience and professionalism.”

Brandon Franklin

It’s always an amazing feeling when past clients like Brandon and Liz who bought their home with me several years ago, ask me to represent them in selling. As much as families love to stay in the same house, the average is about 7 years for people to move. It was an honor to help these guys and their kids sell the house and have happy buyers as well.

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