The Weekly Grind: Morning Star Cafe Downtown Portland

Portland’s Best Coffee Spots: Try Morning Star Cafe!

Morning Star Cafe

The first time I drove by The Morning Star Cafe, I was in my car and unable to stop, park and join the line out the front door but right then and there I added them to my list. Since walking in last week and meeting co-owner Jennifer, I’ve been back three times. Yes, you could say that I like it. It also helps that it’s a mile from my house and right on the morning bridge loop walk–if you side step just a couple of blocks into downtown Portland!
In the restaurant biz now for four years, Jennifer and hubby JD have settled into be a downtown favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner spot. While they’ll be the first ones to admit that owning and running a small biz is hard work, these two are in their element. Super personable, greeting every customer as they walk in, calling them by name along with the ‘see you later’ when they leave…adds a pretty cool vibe to any coffee/foodie spot.
They use illy roasters and my cappuccino ala Justin was fab. But I couldn’t stop there. No, I had to go ahead and order the eggs Florentine (with parm and caramelized onions…It was so good, I ordered it again two days later).B Poor Justin just might think I was either a stalker or protein deficient. While neither are true–it’s really great to have a great spot close to where I live. And no, they haven’t seen the last of me yet…

Morning Star Cafe

Some of the things that make this spot a standout:

  • Jennifer & JD work really hard to make as much as possible from scratch!
  • Sauces & Dressings are all made there with the freshest of prouduce
  • Use local meat and produce as much as possible &B organic wherever possible
  • Eggs are always cage free.
  • WIFI
  • Lots of tables plus outside seating
  • Happy Hour 3-6pm & check ahead on their hours for holiday weekends.
  • Best breakfast bets: Morning Star Bowl, Lunch–Big Cheese & the Fillipe
  • In my experience, generous portions!
  • Find them on Facebook
  • 500 SW 3rd St., Portland Oregon

Morning Star Cafe

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