The Weekly Grind: Satellite Cafe on SE 20th

Satellite Cafe in the Hawthorne NeighborhoodB

Satellite Cafe

Great neighborhoods need great coffee spots. Thank goodness Colin realized this in time and opened up Satellite Cafe located in SE on the edges ofB Abernathy & Ladd’s Addition neighborhoods.B Open for business just since March of 2010, the SC is a great spot to mellow out (as evidenced by the myriad of people wandering in and out as I write this).

With roaster-of-choice Caffe Vita and anchored by Marsee Baking for the other yummy baked goods…don’t overlook their most popular treat: their in-house home-made cookies.B B IB wouldn’t want to be here when they run out of their oatmeal cookies jam packed with coconut, chocolate chip and peanutsB all in one.B Word on the street is that these are pretty worthy.

John the Barista says that people come to the Satellite Cafe mostly for their great coffee and that the steady eddy Americano is absolutely the drink of choice.B I thought my cappuccino was great…but then I’m not a purist. Thanks for indulging me John!

  • Located at 1524 SE 20th in Portland
  • Secure WI-FI (Thank you)
  • Hottest breakfast item is their breakfast burrito….
  • Best hot sandwich is their green apple, turkey and brie. And yes, I’ll have one of those!
  • No website, facebook or twitter yet…but they are coming!

Satellite Cafe

Satellite Cafe

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