The Woodlawn Neighborhood in Vernon–Up & Coming

Next up and coming neighborhood? I’m thinking….Woodlawn in the Vernon Area!

Just inside the Vernon neighborhood, the “Woodlawn Triangle” as it is affectionately known is surrounded on it’s three sides by NE Dekum, NE Durtham & NE Winona St. And let me say right now….things are happening here!B Click here for a cool map of the homes for sale right in this area.
Whenever credible, deliberate new businesses set up shop in an older part of town…sit up a little straighter and start taking notice:

  • Firehouse Restaurant at 711 NE Dekum–my new favorite place in all of Portland. Really.
  • Good Neighbor Pizzaria just across the street–can’t wait to try their calzone!
  • Breakside Brewery packs it out every night–try their pulled pork sandwich!
  • Firehouse’s in-house pastry chef is opening up a bakery and coffee shop in October between Breakside & Good Neighbor.
  • Add to these, the Classic Foods World Headquarters will be opening up in December anchoring the neighborhood and hosting the area’s farmers market next year.

The other night after a celebratory dinner at Firehouse RestaurantB (non stop busy all night)B , it was pretty cool to see Good Neighbor and Breakside Brewery full and spilling out to the streets–their rolled doors up, and outdoor seating packed out. Driving toward 15th, neighbors were out walking toward the center of activity…what a great summer night!
Here are the statistics for sold homes vs. listed in the Vernon Neighborhood:

  • The median price the past year has hovered at $280k and under, plunging inB July to $220k and August at $170k.
  • An average of 8-12 homes sell in Vernon each month typically at or above 94% of the most recent list price.

Talking with each of the three business owners last week, all of them said how much the neighborhood has changed in just the past 2 years since they’ve arrived on the scene. People are starting to care, home owners are fixing up their houses, renovations and remodeling is happening all around. Homes are getting painted….and yes, there are plenty that still really need some love. Keep this area on your check list….. lots more to come!
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