TrueView Spotlight: Details

TrueView Spotlight: Details

Home is a place all your own, where one goes to relax, unwind, entertain. Just as every person is unique, so is their home, differentiated from one another by personal touches and details. These details are the driving force behind making a house, your home –customizing and personalizing the little things in order to reflect style, personality and individuality. At M, we realize the importance of feeling an emotional connection to a home, and take pride in capturing these details with TrueView.
Even the smallest variation can make a great impact on atmosphere, like the contrasting textures and patterns of bamboo hardwood floor’s light coloring, combined with its thin vertical grain, versus maple floor’s warm and rounded organic patterns, or the reflective sheen of a glass tile backsplash, versus muted and soft ceramic tile.

Vaulted ceilings can add depth and space to a room, while exposed ceiling beams change the character completely. Achieve a rustic ambiance with timberframe style wood beams, or maintain a lake house retreat’s characteristics with white wood ceiling slats. Brighten up a meal, bedroom, bathroom or entryway with overhead lighting fixtures –whether it be with an elegant chandelier, stained glass pendant or modern recessed lighting, each adds its own unique mood to a space.
When purchasing a home, these details establish connections and help buyers envision themselves in a home. TrueView is able to highlight even the smallest of details, drawing viewers closer and capturing the emotion and personality of a space.

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