Two Quick Updates for Our Buyers

Hello Wonderful People!
Two big huge updates for you!

LENDERS: Now we have TWO great lenders that we work with! Keller Mortgage has just rolled out at our office. No loan origination fee, closings in 30 days, no underwriting fee and $1,000 credit at closing.  WOW! Let me know if you would like more info about KM! We also have the incredible Hailey Team at Evergreen Home Loans with Bob Hailey. They are local to Portland and Vancouver with amazing customer service that allows us to have buyers underwritten approved before they write an offer and shave off closing deadlines to 21-25 days.  So critical in this competitive market. They are known and respected locally & we love working with them!

HOMEQUEST: After almost 10 years of use, our beloved HomeQuest search site is closing it’s doors however it happened way sooner than expected. So we have a 2-step update that we’ll start rolling out this week!  Believe me, after 10 years of change, I’m resistant too but as they say ‘change is good’ and this will be awesome once we’re through the adjustment!

  • For our awesome buyers and those of you who love to look for fun, our buyers will get you updated in a temporary search site over the next couple of days. It will come into your inbox once a day. It will come from me Claire Widmark-Wright from this email at alerts@ylopo-email.com so check your filters! Those of you who love to look for fun, we’ll layer your updates in as soon as possible.
  • Over the next 30-days we’ll fine tune our new home search engine and re-set you up with that new and amazing tool that will zip relevant listings to you better than ever.  It’s going to be so awesome!

The end result will be more accurate and timely search results–which has never been more critical than now in this tight sellers market!
We are still on-boarding the final step and as usual if there is anything that we can do to make the change easy for you, please let us know.  Just one more way we are working hard to upgrade your experience with us! Thank you for your patience!!–Claire

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