Updating Your Home DOES Matter…

I love working with my first time home buyers.B There is nothing likeB walking newbies through the process of buying their first home start to finish.B With my new clients, we set out this past weekend with a list of 15 homes in hand to check out. Their criteria is:

  • Under $300k
  • Reasonable commute to Intel
  • No remodeling needed
  • Hopefully 3 car garage, but not a deal breaker if not
  • Tigard, Aloha, Hillsboro, Beaverton are the target areas–Cooper & Sexton Mtn areas specifically.

With each seller competing for similar buyers, we were stymied at the fact that out of 13 homes we went into—only 1 had an updated kitchen. And by ‘updated kitchen’ I don’t mean granite tiles on 1980’s old oak cabinets, or tossing in stainless steel appliances with dark, 1970’s decor…B There was not one home with updated bathrooms and many of them had original carpeting that was really worn.B
All it takes for any buyer is 1 home. In this market—with so many homes not updated, it is not hard to be a standout–.B As I tell my sellers and my buyers, this market is best house at best price…..and buyers are educated and savvy. They spend hours at 2am on line checking out what their options are.B Sellers must be equally savvy and realize that if their home is priced right and is the best on the market—it will sell—simply because in comparison buyers will see that it’s the best and snap it up. We’re not talking genius here.
Instead, the competition that we experienced….was for title of ‘which house is worse’….not good.B We’re heading out again this weekend…and we have a deadline to be in contract–my clients are pre-approved, motivated and ready. All it’s going to take is one seller’s home that is ready to go—and they’ll have themselves a happy buyer.

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