Via Delizia in the Pearl

Via Delizia
While I have a working list of 175 local Portland coffee spots, lately it’s been fun to use my iphone app and see what’s around the particular neighborhood I happen to be in. Today, I pressed the button and came up with Via Delizia in the Pearl District. I haven’t finished writing my blog and already know that I’ll come back! For the photo’s, the color was so beautiful today, I had to keep the photo’s of Via Delizia in color–hope you enjoy them!
Allann Brothers is the local (Albany) coffee roaster used in house–and that’s refreshing. I like Allan Brothers, but rarely see them in Portland coffee spots.
Not only is the interior decor really cool–i.e. there’s an olive ‘tree’ in here….. and it was one of the best cappuccino’s I’ve had in a long time. Well done drink, great presentation–loved it.


Second, as I talked with wonder-server Conner, I found out that the executive chef Moses Sanchez creates all the desserts AND each of the 24 gelato flavors in house. WOW. And they do catering. And they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and happy hour 7 days a week.B And…and…and…B
When you are next in the Pearl, stop by and tell owner Alex that Claire sent you….He’s quiet and reserved but incredibly passionate about his coffee….order something with espresso and milk and let him make a delightful treat for you.B When my friend ordered a cappuccino, he waved that away and created an amazing latte. There’s something new: A barista/owner with an attitude…I like it.

  • 1105 NW Marshall St., Portland OR 97209
  • Free Wifi
  • GREAT place for Desserts after concerts, shows, Downtown social events etc.
  • Plenty of seating inside and out
  • $3.00 eggs and toast…
  • Desserts & Gelato all made in-house

Via Delizia
Via Delizia
Via Delizia

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