Washington Park Concert Series-Summer 2010

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When I was growing up, the free summer concerts in Washington Park were a big deal. Back then, people brought out picnic tables and linen and candelabras and dishes and it was a wonderful and delightful fancy dinner in the park while the Portland Symphony serenaded us.B That was 35 plus years ago and while you can leave the linen and silver at home…..the concert series continues. I have to say, each year, I slightly hold my breath—will there be funding and a sponsor or no…will there…won’t there…. For 2010–there is and hats off to Daimler for helping keep this wonderful Portland tradition alive!

Here are my top tips for enjoying the 2010 Washington Park concert series!

  • If you are going with a group, have one person get there reasonably early and stake out spots… The steps that create the amphitheater have wide and narrow strips–choose a wide one, then you can totally sit back and relax! You’ll see what I mean when you get there…
  • A concert in Washington Park is not an event without a trip to Elephants Delicatessen.B If you bring most of your meal from home–still swing by for a dessert or side salad..you won’t be disappointed.
  • Bring a blanket to sit on and a blanket to cover up with—the outdoor theater gets ccccooollld when the sun goes down over the trees.
  • Enjoy it–turn off your phone and laptop. Lay back, close your eyes and enjoy the music and the warmth of the summer weather flow over you—it’s a great way to recharge.
  • Watch out for bee’s—with all the food (and seriously–check out all the Elephants bags)…the bee’s get hungry too.
  • Get there early and walk through one of Portland’s most beautiful neighborhoods–Arlington Heights.
  • Bring soccer balls or outdoor games for the kiddo’s….there is lots of room around the stage and as long as the kids are not blocking or interfering with the concert or event–they are very welcome to come and get all their energy out by running around!
  • Here’s the link for transit and Tri-met!

Here’s the schedule:

Washington Park Summer Concerts

Washington Park Summer Concerts

Washington Park Summer Concerts


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