Westover Real Estate: 2010 Home Sales & Trends

Real Estate in Portland’s West Hills & Westover: 2010 Results

As part of Portland’s West Hills, Westover is the crown jewel lining the backdrop to Portland. The West Hills typically have higher price points to begin with so in looking at sold properties for 2010, to see a 44% increase in sold homes vs. 2009 says a lot about what’s happening in the upper end of our real estate market.

  • The largest jump was the price range between $600k-$1M with 2009 solds at 10 and 2010’s at 19.
  • I’ve been watching the listings consistently and there were not 9 extra bank owned properties for sale in Westover alone last year–i.e. could it be that these were REGULAR sales? Yep, I’m thinking so.
  • The market analyzer belows shows a consistent bell curve of listings and what is starting to show up as a new trend in NW Portland’s stats & SW Portland’s stats is an increase in closed deals trending upward the last three months of the year. This is not normal. We hope it signifies that we are bouncing on the bottom and home prices will be stabilizing. January & February stats will confirm if we’re on an upswing or not.
  • For closed sale stats, homes in 2010 closed between -28% to -6% under the most recent list price. Pricing correctly will continue to be the name of solid listings for this next year.
  • Scroll down for a list of current homes for sale in Westover.

2010 Westover Sold StatsB



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