What’s in a Name?

If you’ve ever built something that is an extension of yourself–in any way, then you know how vulnerable and a bit agonizing it is to step forward in big Faith and really go for it. That’s how it has been for Mark and I the past 7 months as we’ve been dreaming about building our real estate practice into an actual team of exceptional individuals with a  common set of core commitments. Commitments for how we will serve and take care of our clients, their buying and selling process, how we listen and hear them, how we translate their story into an awesome marketing process that helps us hone in on the right buyers and maximizes their equity.  How we guide and advocate for our buyers as they navigate one of the trickiest markets in the nation and help them realize the gift of home ownership without breaking the bank.  There is no 4-5 word name in the world that can convey that.  We tried.

We’ve tried to be crafty, doing some play on words, asking if my first name needs to be in it or my maiden name or if ‘Just Call Claire Real Estate Group’ could work if we squinted hard enough…. Or ‘We Provide Top Notch Service & Great Communication & Experience Coupled with Expertise Real Estate Group’ or ‘We Put You First Real Estate Group’ or ‘Real Estate with Ethics, Integrity & Expertise Wonder Team’…. Nope, those won’t work. Definitely won’t fit on a business card.

Conveying the way we care about you in a name without making it impossibly complex has left us a bit weary of banging our heads on the proverbial creative wall.  Add in the Oregon Real Estate Agency team name requirements and it’s easy to get very stuck. So after some rollercoaster moves, a loop-de-loop or two and a bit of nausea, we’ve pulled out of our branding free-fall and landed on what we think is a solid choice.  It’s still us, but with the added benefits of a team of great people alongside us so together, we can do an even better job in taking care of you and those you send our way.

Drumroll (and yes please we get extra points for keeping it simple and straightforward right?!), we are happy to let you know that Widmark Wright Realty Group is now registerd and official! Beautiful branding, logos, color pairings and a cool stamp or too is officially up to our branding company Blue Blazes. Now we can sit back while they do their thing! More to come!

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