Woodlawn Neighborhood: Breakside Brewery

Breakside Brewery Creates NE Portland Neighborhood Hot Spot

Breakside Brewery

Scott & Tony opened Breakside BreweryB smack dab in the heart of the Woodlawn Triangle neighborhood a mere 5 months ago in May 2010 and are quickly becoming a neighborhood destination.B B While with friends in Juno Alaska one day…Scott just blurted out ‘I’m going to open a brewery’……and he did.

Self described as a ‘good eater and drinker’, Scott’s patrons are fans of hisB all-organic-no fuss pork belly sandwiches and their most popular beer–the Belgian white ‘Breakside Wit’.B While you are there, check out the cool acid washed custom bar from the Columbia Steel Yard and give kudos to Jake for the amazing job he did on the interior design!

Simply put, the Breakside team says….B “We’re happy to be in the nieghborhood enjoying our passion for food and drink”. You can enjoy them as well:

Breakside Brewery

Breakside Brewery

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