Your Options in Our Extreme Market

Right now, we find ourselves in an unprecedented seller’s market. Demand is overwhelming supply. This means well-presented homes are poised to fetch top dollar amidst the buying frenzy, with multiple offers becoming common in many areas of town.
The key to maximizing the proceeds from a sale is to get the property in the best possible condition (that might include staging the home), then presenting the home beautifully to the world through my amazing TrueView program.

But this fiercely seller-favoring market actually has people afraid to sell (which partially accounts for the current lack of inventory). After all, most successful sellers immediately become buyers.
If you’re considering selling and then buying in the Portland area, then there are options to get that done.
Contingent Offer – Make an attractive offer on a new home that is contingent upon the sale of your current home.
Sell Your Home Contingent on Finding Your Next Home – Put your current property up for sale and accept offers subject to your finding a replacement property.
Finance Your New Home, Then Sell Your Current Home – You may be in a position to purchase your new home before you’ve sold your existing home.
Bridge Loan – Secure a loan specifically targeted at helping transition between your current home loan in the new one.
Temporary Housing – Sell your current home and move into a short-term rental home, furnished apartment, extended stay hotel or a friend or family member’s home while you buy your new property.
I would love to help assess your needs and craft your ideal real estate strategy for this market. I have relationships with mortgage professionals and bankers that can help me evaluate which options are best for you.
Now is the perfect time for us to discuss your real estate plans. Contact me at your convenience and we can get started!

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