Artemis Cafe–SE 12th & Division


Sometimes you just walk into a place and you just go ‘ahhhhh’.B Artemis Cafe on the corner of SE 12th & Division was and is a great place to go whether you just need a jolt of caffeine, breakfast, or journal time.B Walls of windows, wonderful exterior patio for extended seating, funky aluminum sheeting around the espresso bar and of course, great people who are passionate and proud about where they work and their product!

Hairbender roast from Stumptown is the espresso ‘on tap’ and a variety of other roasts rotate weekly. The medium size latte I ordered was served in a mugB big enough to…well it was huge.B AndB then theB clouds parted and my eye caught the sign ‘gingerbread’…..and oohhhB I was instantly giddy.

Brandon the manager was amazing toB talk with–Artemis Cafe is way more than a place for coffee and great food. Bottom line–everything they do is sustainable, local, compost-able, recyclable and at the end of the day, they end up only throwing 10% away. THAT is amazing to me.B From the organic milk, to the painted hills beef, to the kind of pork they purchase–Artemis Foods purchases their ingredients from local organic farms. Love it! To go further, they use packaging that is biodegradable, and they’ll even give their clients a discount for bringing in their own coffee mugs and tupperware (for take out items). This neighborhood joint borders on Ladd’s Addition and Abernathy (right in front of Abernathy School) and is well beloved by those who live here!


Their menu is friendly for everyone–vegan and gluten free options are available–they are happy to help you find just what you are looking for! Artemis is not yet on twitter and they’re working on facebook so stay tuned……

  • Space Available for Small Groups
  • Free WiFi
  • Artemis Participates in First Friday & Features Monthly Artists
  • Vegan & Gluten Free Options
  • Organic & Sustainable Business Practices
  • Donate to Shelters Any Surplus Food That Can’t Be Used Immediately
  • All Food PreparedB by Site Catering Artemis Foods

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