My heart towards you: Advocacy, Protection & Care

Having worked with me, many of you have experienced the advocate/protector side of me which comes out in different situations as we walk through your home story. I frequently counsel my buyers ‘nope, this isn’t the house, don’t buy it’…. and frequently advise my sellers ‘this isn’t the year to sell your home, the value isn’t there yet–let’s check in 6 months’.
Yes. That’s correct.
I am never afraid to tell you to not buy and to not sell.
People in general, who don’t know me yet often respond with ‘why would you do that?’ and ‘But if you tell your clients to not buyer or not sell, you don’t get paid’.
Yes. That’s correct.
I’m never afraid to tell you to not buy and to not sell….B I care about you and your home-story. That means I look out for you throughout your search and throughout your transaction.B I’ll even advise you ‘I think it’s in your best interest to exit this transaction’ if your earnest money is at risk as a buyer and the seller is not budging or if negotiations are not going in the right direction.B It’s not about what’s best for me. It’s always about what is best for you.B The very definition of what I do is to ‘act on behalf of a principal’. You are my principal. I act on your behalf.
I’ll be here in 2,3,4 years when you are ready to sell and through the agony of home hunting in a tight market in 3-18 months when the right house FINALLY appears. There are bunches of you reading this email right now that know exactly what I mean. We said ‘no’ to a lot of homes in 2015. Several of us are still saying no. Several of you aren’t yet in the spot where your home values fit your financial values.B For some of you–2016 will be your year.
Advocacy, Protection, Care.
These three words best express my heart towards you and your family & the story that lies ahead.
Warmest cheers!

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